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Kids and Body Odor - Finding the Right Kids Deodorant

Body odor can be a difficult topic for kids and preteens.  However, if you start to notice your kid has an odor, the important thing to remember is that your child is not alone.  Body odor is fairly common in kids as young as 8, particularly active children and there is absolutely no reason for body odor to be a source of embarrassment.  A kid could shower 2 times a day and still experience body odor in between - totally normal.  If you start to notice that your kid has a bit of a smell, it's likely his/her teachers and friends are noticing it too.  The good news is that kid body odor is something that can easily be addressed with a safe, effective kids deodorant.  

The important thing to keep in mind is choosing a safe kids deodorant.  Many deodorants that adults are accustomed to using on themselves contain aluminum, propylene glycol, or other harsh chemicals.  Instead, when choosing a kids deodorant, look for one that is all natural.  A good all natural deodorant can contain key body odor fighting ingredients that are both effective and safe, even for young children.  Some of these key deodorant ingredients include baking soda, magnesium hydroxide, and diatomaceous earth.  

At Not My Mama's, we've incorporated all 3 of the above ingredients into our kids deodorant.  We use baking soda sparingly as that is the deodorant ingredient most frequently reported to cause skin irritation; however, we find a small amount is necessary for a truly effective body odor fighting deodorant.  In fact, at Not My Mama's, we formulated our kids deodorant to be strong enough for adults too.  We believe in making the best natural deodorant formula, not just the best natural "kids" deodorant formula.  In that case, what makes our deodorant a kids deodorant you ask?  Simple - we made it fun!  Our kids deodorants come in the best natural scents and the best packaging.  In fact our kids deodorants smell so good and work so well that LOTS of moms use them too.  Our deodorant scents are so enjoyable that kids (and moms) can think of them as an extension of the fun parts of their beauty routines - a scented lotion, natural perfume spray, fabulous smelling deodorant. We even provide a variety of deodorant scents so you can mix up your scent - different scent different day.   

Because our deodorants are formulated with all natural ingredients, they are safe for any age.  In fact, my 4 year old likes to rub it on (not just her underarms but her arms too) because she loves the smell - pool party is her favorite. 

If your child has developed body odor, then we say snatch up some safe natural kids deodorant like Not My Mama's right away of course.  But even if you haven't noticed an odor yet, we say it's still a great time to grab some of our kids deodorants.  Why?  It gets your kid in a healthy routine and turns an otherwise embarrassing topic into a fun one.  Deodorant doesn't just need to be something that a child needs to have, it can be a beauty product she/he wants to have. That way, when body odor would start to develop, a safe fun deodorant is already part of the routine and it stops the problem before it starts.

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