Introducing Not My Mama's Pink Rose Clay Face Mask

When we set out to make a kid friendly, mom approved face mask, we knew we wanted to make a face mask that is effective, and fun, while of course keeping the face mask ingredients all natural.  Here's a peek inside Not My Mama's process and how we arrived at our pink rose clay facial mask, perfect for kids and still wonderful for moms.   

First we had to decide on what type of facial cleansing mask.  We chose a clay mask because clay masks are best at deep cleaning the skin and drawing out impurities - clay face masks are perfect for tween and teen skin.  Other options were cream masks or peel off masks, but both of those are better suited for slightly more mature skin and dry skin types.  Sure, they can be fun too, but they don't really make sense for tweens and teens who tend to have oily skin and really need to focus on removing dirt and unclogging pores, right?

Next, the BIG one, face mask ingredients...  Simple and natural was key.  Our face mask ingredients include a powerful blend of:  bentonite clay, rose clay, moroccan lava clay, goji berry powder, aloe vera powder, and rose essential oil. 

We are going to do a separate post that digs into the details of the face mask ingredients for those interested, but without boring you, here's a quick summary.  Each face mask ingredient was chosen for it's particular benefits to teen skin which include - cleansing the skin, removing oil, unclogging and shrinking pores, calming and soothing skin, evening skin tone and protecting from environmental damage, improving blood flow, and healing the skin... to name a few.  These are all great properties for a face mask for kids (and let's be honest, us moms who get the occasional blemish and need deep cleanse, skin refresh for that matter). 

Now, some people ask why we decided to keep the face mask as a dry clay that requires you to mix it with water.  Great question.  Well, by keeping it as a dry clay, we are able to include only the necessary ingredients in the face mask jar.  That's right, you aren't paying for any "extras" or "filler", just the wonderful face mask ingredients you want and need.  Also, it's so easy to add a few drops of water at home, so why do you need to pay for it in a bottle, right?  Plus, it's actually fun to mix the face mask yourself so it's made fresh just like at a spa.  Hello much needed stuck at home spa day and activity!  (Side note, each 2 oz jar should give you at least 12 face mask applications.)  Finally, it gave us the excuse to include that cute face mask bowl, the amazing rainbow spoon, and the mermaid face mask brush that feels like heaven when you apply the face mask to your skin.   (That's right, the mask comes as a kit that includes all of these items.)

Well now that you know where we were at in making our mask kit, here are some more detailed instructions on application:

Using the spoon provided, add 1-2 scoops of the face mask clay to the bowl.  Turn on your faucet just to a drip and add a few drops of water.  (Or if you want to get fancy with it, you can use witch hazel or your favorite hydrosol.)  Use the spoon to mix your mask into a paste.  It should have enough liquid to form a paste, but not too much that it's watery.  (Don't worry, if it's a little watery, just add a bit more of the mask clay and you'll be good to go.)  Dip the brush in the paste and apply a nice layer to your face and neck.  Let it dry for 10-15 minutes while you wash out your bowl brush and spoon and leave them to dry.  You will feel tightening and tingling as the mask dries - totally normally but can feel weird as a new sensation. Once the mask completely dries, wash off with warm water.  If you make a mess with the mask, no worries, we just recommend washing any fabrics immediately to avoid any staining from the natural clay colors.  Last step - enjoy your beautiful bright, super clean skin and watch those blemishes disappear.           


  • Thanks for sharing this good piece of knowledge as I was wandering here and there in search of clay face wash, but now I am satisfied with this.

    Vasu Dev
  • Would this be okay for a 6 or 7 year old? thanks


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