6 Tips for Teens: Applying Deodorant

It seems simple, right? Apply deodorant to underarms. True, but here are a 6 quick tips that will help you make the most of your natural deodorant.

  • Apply deodorant to clean, dry skin. This is the most important. If for some reason you are applying deodorant during a time of day when you are already sweaty and dirty (for example, you forgot to apply it earlier) we recommend giving your underarms a quick swipe with a wet wipe, paper towel or whatever you have handy before you apply your natural deodorant. 
  • Apply deodorant after you shower (kind of follows our first tip above). If you shower at night, it’s a good idea to do a few of swipes to your natural deodorant to clean dry skin then, and then apply a refresh in the morning.  Our deodorants smell so great, you’ll be looking for excuses to reapply, and a morning application is a great start to your day. If you shower in the afternoon, after gym class or practice, for example, same.  Go ahead and apply the deodorant after the shower since you washed it away, and then you can always apply again the next morning before heading out, whether you showered again or not.
  • Our deodorants are formulated to last all day. That’s right, a morning application should suffice.  That said, everyone’s bodies are different and teens are much more active than adults between gym class, sports, etc.  If you feel you want to reapply during the day, go for it.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  We made our packaging fun so that it’s great to carry around or store in your locker.  And they smell so good, some we’ve heard feedback that people can’t resist a freshen up.  
  • Our stick deodorants are very smooth compared to most brands, but if you find for any reason that they are hard to rub on, a good trick is to hold the deodorant against your underarm for a few seconds before you swipe and apply. That will actually warm up the ingredients and ensure a smooth application.  
  • How many swipes? Well, that’s personal preference, but we recommend 3-4 swipes to each underarm.  You don’t want to do too much and end up with excess product.
  • Mix up your scents. Really?  Well, this is more of a “fun” tip.  Our deodorants come in really delicious and very different scents.  It’s fun to mix them up and wear different scents on different days.   I’m sure you like changing up your other products, so why should deodorant that you wear every day be any different?  Have some fun!

If you have any other questions feel free to visit our FAQs or Ingredients Page, or better yet, reach out to us at sayhi@notmymamas.com.  We’d love to hear from you!


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