What on earth is diatomaceous earth?

When we set out to make a deodorant that was both safe AND effective, we knew we had to think outside of the standard natural deodorant box in order to get our STAR product.  So many parents had reported that they were disappointed with the natural deodorant options, but were not comfortable handing their kids chemical ridden products or aluminum containing antiperspirants.  At Not My Mama’s, we don’t want parents to have to choose between natural ingredients and effectiveness; parents and kids deserve both.  We were on a mission to create the perfect deodorant – natural ingredients we can trust and strong enough odor blocking protection for active kids and even their parents. Oh, and most of all FUN.  It is about time we had a product that was worthy of mom raiding their kids bathroom cabinet to borrow rather than the other way around…

We went through many trials…and errors before landing on our formula and each one of our ingredients plays a key role in ensuring our formula is effective.  We LOVE that our number one ingredient is coconut oil – not only is it antimicrobial but it has so many benefits for the skin.  The ingredient that we get questioned about the most, however, is diatomaceous earth.  Wow, that’s a mouth full.   We offer a little blurb on our ingredients page, but we thought some people might want to learn a little more.

Food grade diatomaceous earth has recently gained popularity as a wellness product and dietary supplement due to possible health benefits that include:  cleansing the digestive tract, improved cholesterol, improved bone health, and healthier hair, skin and nails.  Yes, some people drink it.

So what is it?  Diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring sand that consists of microscopic skeletons of algae, also know as diatoms.  Huh?  Think of it as a naturally occurring and odorless fine grain sand or powder that actually eliminates odor.  It is also close to pH neutral which means it won’t irritate skin that is sensitive to alkaline or acidic levels.

If you google natural, at-home deodorant recipes, you will actually see diatomaceous earth come up more frequently as a KEY ingredient.  You can buy some great food grade natural diatomaceous earth on amazon.  However, how many of us really want to make deodorant at home…or have the time?  That said, we knew there had to be something to all these new recipes and recommendations.  Well, they were right.  We found that using diatomaceous earth as one of our key ingredients allowed us to create a very effective odor blocking deodorant with minimal baking soda (which can often be an irritant).   Combined with coconut oil, arrowroot powder, a touch of baking soda, vitamin E and some other natural magic to keep it all together to glide on smooth, we had found our perfect formula.  It works great, smells AMAZING, glides on smooth and is fun to mix and match the scents.  And mom, don’t be shy, it will work great for you too!  It’s fun for kids, strong enough for busy moms, and a must have product for both.


  • Thank you for your comment below, Sue. Alumina is different from aluminum. Alumina is a natural, inert mineral. It is different from the aluminum used is antiperspirants that is a synthetically made material.

    Not My Mama's
  • Diatomaceous Earth is 2-4% alumina. Doesn’t this mean that your product contains aluminium?

    Sue Done
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