Aluminum Free Kids Deodorant

When it comes to which deodorant is best for kids, there are many options to choose from. But, the best one is always the aluminum free kids deodorant. As a parent, you might be worried about the right products and finding the right one for your child’s skin. Regardless if she has sensitive skin, or you just want her to have a safe deodorant – you have come to the right place.

It is worth noting that the major difference between deodorant without aluminum and deodorant with aluminum is that the first one prevents odor, while the latter one blocks sweat. Sweat is our body’s response with the need to cool itself. Sweat is rich in protein, which in turn, attracts bacteria. To better address your child’s body odor concerns, choose an aluminum free kids deodorant.

Safe and Natural Deodorants at Not My Mama’s

Aluminum free kids deodorant from Not My Mama’s, attacks these odor-causing bacteria that mingle with sweat protein. Consequently, it ultimately gets rid of underarm odor. In contrast to this, antiperspirants do not directly attack the odor-causing bacteria, but instead use aluminum ingredients to change the body’s natural perspiration process and block sweat before it pours.

Aluminum free kids deodorant is more flexible in terms of its application and the time to apply it. For as long as your underarms are dried after your shower, you can safely apply your deodorant. However, there are more rules when it comes to the application of antiperspirant deodorants with aluminum. Here at Not My Mama’s, our specialists can help you with the right product for your child.

Natural Options to Lead A Healthier Life

Not My Mama’s knows that there are varying hygienic needs of every child. On our end, we make sure to help children by presenting them with our products that are natural, safer and made for them. To know more about our amazing and natural products, call us now.