know your deodorant ingredients

Each ingredient has its purpose and we want to share that we with you.  

cocos nucifera oil ( aka coconut oil)

There is a reason it is our #1 ingredient. Coconut oil is not only fantastic for moisturizing and healing, but it is also packed with fatty acids that have potent antibacterial fighting powers.

butyrospermum parkii butter (aka shea butter)

Shea butter nourishes the skin with vitamins A, E and F and allows for the soft texture and silky smooth glide you expect from a deodorant.

maranta arundinacea root powder (aka arrowroot powder)

Arrowroot powder is a natural starch that can be found in many kitchens. It helps to keep you feeling dry by absorbing that excess moisture.

magnesium hydroxide (aka natural minerals)

Magnesium is an essential and naturally occurring mineral. It is frequently used as a laxative or antacid to relieve indigestion; however, it also works great in deodorants to help balance PH and to naturally fight body odor created by perspiration. Sometimes you see it referred to as Milk of Magnesia which is Magnesium Hydroxide and H20.

jojoba esters (aka jojoba plant wax)

Jojoba esters are another type of wax frequently found in cosmetics due to their remarkable similarity to natural oils produced by human skin. It is a natural wax derived from jojoba plants. They are a fantastic natural emollient and help create a silky smooth glide.

lactobacillus ferment (aka probiotic) 

Lactobacillus ferment is a liquid probiotic. It is an antimicrobial ingredient that also works as a natural preservative and skin conditioning agent. It helps keep gross microorganisms out of your deodorant and out of your arm pit.

diatomaceous earth (aka natural mineral material)

Diatomaceous Earth is a mineral material that is formed from the fossilized remains of algae. It is a naturally occurring, soft, sedimentary rock that easily crumbles into a fine white powder. There are many applications of diatomaceous earth but in the case of deodorant, it is used to absorb excess moisture.

natural fragrance (aka essential oil blends & other natural ingredients)

We use only 100% natural fragrance oils rather than synthetic fragrances, frequently found in cosmetics. Natural fragrances are made from pure plant essential oils, essential oil blends or blends that contain naturally derived plant isolates.

sodium bicarbonate (aka baking soda)

Baking soda is a well-known natural odor absorber and acid neutralizer. Some individuals report that it irritates their skin in large quantities; however we found that deodorants that did not include this ingredient were simply ineffective. Accordingly, we use a very small percentage that we found was the minimum amount we could use while maintaining an effective odor fighting deodorant without the liklihood of irritation. 

tocopherol (aka vitamin e)

Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant that protects and heals the skin. We feel that even your underarms deserve some TLC which is why we add this powerful antioxidant to all of our deodorants. We also found that the Vitamin E helped counter sensitivity the some individuals get from using baking soda.

Polyglyceryl-3 Stearate (and) Cetearyl Alcohol (and) PCA Glyceryl Oleate (and) Glyceryl Caprylate (aka greenwax)

This combination of all natural ingredients is used as an emulsifier and conditioning concentrate. We use it to help create the beautiful smooth glide that makes our newest deodorant super easy to apply. It also leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturized.