Natural Deodorant for Teen Girls: Helpful Tips in Deodorant Application

There are certain steps that you need to follow in applying your natural deodorant for teen girls. Luckily, No My Mama’s has made a list of the important steps:

  • Make sure your skin is dry and clean. This step is important, because skipping this step will prevent the deodorant from sticking properly. If you have forgotten to apply your deo and you have become sweaty, then it is wise that you swipe your underarms with a paper towel.
  • Apply it after shower for best results. The most ideal time to apply deodorant is after your shower at night. Doing this will make sure that the natural ingredients of the deodorant will have plenty of time to get absorbed in your skin.
  • Bring your deodorant in any sports activity.Our products are made to last all day. This is great if you have an active kid who plays sports. So, if your kid has a sports event to go to, it is always okay to bring it to have a fresh application if needed.

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