Natural Deodorant for Tweens: What to Know About our Products

Our natural deodorant for tweens is very smooth compared to other brands. One great trick to easily rub our deodorant is to hold it against your underarm for seconds before applying it. Doing so will cause the natural ingredients to warm up to have that smooth application. In terms of the number of swipes, our company recommends 3-4. A decent layer of deodorant will suffice to last you the entire day.

One great thing about our product is that you can mix up our scents. It’s our way of bringing fun to our product. Since our products come in different scents that are natural, you can mix them up and wear a different one on another day. It’s like selecting your outfit for the day— it’s enjoyable and exciting. Our natural deodorant for tweens will make your kids more confident as they enter adulthood.

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